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Host City and Venue

Welcome to Málaga

Auditorio Edgar Neville

Managed by the Diputación Provincial de Málaga, this modern venue hosts every year the most notable events in the city of Málaga. Located on the new seafront promenade, it is a multidisciplinary scenic space that has capacity for three hundred people.

Hotel Accommodations

Gran Hotel Miramar

Located along the Málaga shoreline, the five-star Gran Hotel Miramar is the official sponsoring hotel of the Summit and located a short distance from the Auditorio Edgar Neville de la Diputación de Málaga. The building, originally opened as a grand hotel in 1926, has served many purposes over the years. In 2016, Hoteles Santos brought the property back to its luxurious splendor as Málaga’s premier hotel.

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About Málaga Costa del Sol

Art and Culture on the Costa del Sol

Málaga is synonymous with art and culture. The city was the birthplace of the painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso, to whom it pays homage in the Picasso Museum. It also houses numerous museums focusing on different topics and epochs, such as the Russian Museum, the Pompidou Centre and the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

Over the course of its history, different civilisations and cultures have left a visible mark via an impressive legacy of monuments. The Roman Theatre of Málaga, the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle number amongst the architectural gems that will transport you into bygone eras in a city that is imbued with history.

Beaches and Nature: The Perfect Balance

The variety of its beaches is one of the main attractions of the Costa del Sol: urban beaches, allowing you to combine activities and life in the city with relaxation, and beaches that are more remote, located in veritable natural beauty spots, ideal for those seeking tranquillity and complete disconnection.

In addition to its coastal areas, inland landscapes, the province of Málaga boasts a range of spectacular landscapes. Nature lovers will be surprised to discover the variety of natural spaces and areas suited to active tourism.

How to Reach Málaga and the Venue

By air: an international airport

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport numbers amongst the airports with the highest volume of passenger flow in Spain. Cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, New York and Moscow have direct connections with Málaga Airport, which is also the main airport of and point of entry into Andalusia.

By train: high-speed train from Madrid

The Costa del Sol rail network provides connections to other cities in Andalusia and the rest of Spain. Travelling from Málaga, the hub is the Málaga-María Zambrano Train Station (ADIF), which provides high-speed connections between the Costa del Sol and Madrid in two and a half hours, along with links to Barcelona, Seville and Valencia, amongst other cities.

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